Voice picking

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Voice picking

The whole scheme consists of cloud voice picking system, terminal SUNBOW system, intelligent terminal, bluetooth headset and other devices

The cloud system decomposes the pushed or grabbed tasks into multiple tasks according to the preset rules, and transmits the task package to SUBNOW system in the intelligent terminal through WiFi. After receiving the task, the SUBNOW system will decompose the task action according to the personal settings in the SUBNOW system, and communicate with the picker in the form of voice, guide the picker to work, and confirm with the SUBNOW voice during the operation of the picker. The whole process is like an experienced master working with the picker. The picker only focuses on his instructions. The picking process is more smooth, freeing hands and greatly reducing the picking error rate compared with the paper list and RF gun. The cloud voice picking operation system has the functions of order intelligent merging, intelligent splitting and picking path optimization.

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JIUYE supply chain voice picking project




Since 2015

In September 2015, we started to develop the AI work assistant "SUNBOW". SUNBOW's mission is to make the workers in the warehouse work more smoothly. There are three reasons for choosing this scenario: 1. There are a large number of warehouse workers, in the millions; 2. This part of the population and work have been ignored for a long time, and the mobility of personnel is large, so there is a lot of room for improvement; 3. The workflow in the warehouse is similar, and the application scenario is relatively closed and controllable, so artificial intelligence can show its strength.

Multi module

The system has built-in many modular warehouse operation processes, and has real-time Kanban, report analysis, AI decision-making functions.

quick to handle

The picker can start in 10 minutes and reach the level of standard skilled worker in 2 hours.

High accuracy

The process of interaction is also a process of password verification. If the answer is wrong, it is impossible to pick goods. The accuracy rate of picking is over 99.99%.

Cost savings

Save your brain, and don't make decisions in the process of picking; save operation, and don't use PDA or pen and paper marks in the process of picking, and free your hands; save your feet, and open the function of intelligent merging and splitting task list, SUNB can help you plan the task list, optimize the path, go once, and get more work; in the final analysis, save the cost and work intensity without increasing The work efficiency has been improved by more than 30% on average.


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Efficiency comparison


Customer video




Voice picking process, liberating hands and eyes, even merging orders, realizing multi order picking, with an average efficiency increase of 30%



Multiple confirmation methods such as check code voice reply, scanning, etc. ensure that the picking accuracy reaches 99.99%, or even higher


Report generation (seconds)

The system has various reports based on the situation of warehouse, personnel and goods. The administrator can click to view them anytime and anywhere, and the 10s feedback statistical report is a powerful tool for refined management



  •  语音拣选Voice picking project is a highlight project jointly promoted and implemented by SUNBOW and us. Through the adjustment of operation mode and the upgrading of equipment, the staff liberated their hands during the operation process and shortened the verification time on the premise of ensuring the accuracy. The whole picking efficiency has been improved by about 30%. The live broadcast function of the voice system also visualizes the on-site work. The AI report of the system and the prediction and analysis based on big data also help the warehouse to better realize the fine management, so that each change and each upgrade can be based on evidence.

  •  The efficiency of the system has been greatly improved. Voice system background has powerful intelligent report function. It gives multi-dimensional analysis from four aspects of warehouse, personnel, goods and equipment, which makes the warehouse realize intelligent, data and fine management, and brings convenience and efficiency to our warehouse managers.

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